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When do Babies Start Teething?

baby starting teething

Our 3.5 month old son is very drooly and cries more than usual. My husband thinks he is teething? When do most children start teething? What teeth appear first?

The average child’s first tooth erupts at 6 to 8 months. The lower central incisors are typically the first teeth to appear. Your daughters increased drooling could be caused by teething. Many parents report increased drool and fussiness in the months that lead up to their first tooth. It is impossible to isolate and definitively determine it the symptoms of teething. Mild fussiness, low grade temperatures (less than 101 degrees), congestion and even diarrhea are often attributed to “teething”.


Is Baby Orajel Safe?

Last week, the FDA announced new concerns regarding the use of Benzocaine in children. Benzocaine is used as a topical anesthetic and is the primary ingredient in Orajel and many of its (... more on Is Baby Orajel Safe)

Teething Pain

My son's pediatrician said that Orajel (given in very small doses) is ok to give to my 8 month old who's teething. Also, I just read about the recall on Hyland's tablets. What is your take on Orajel (... more on Teething Pain)



Written Feburary 2012 by
Dr. Gordon, Orlando Pediatrician






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