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Diaper Rash Treatment

What is the best treatment for diapers rashes?

Most diaper rashes are “contact diaper rashes”. Contact diaper rashes are usually caused by exposure stool irritants. Rarer causes include physical trauma of diaper changes and even skin sensitivities to diaper wipes etc. The key to curing diaper rashes in eliminating the cause ( waiting for diarrhea to pass, changing diaper brands or eliminating a dietary irritant like citrus).

The key to allowing for diaper area skin repair is keeping the diaper area clean and dry. Over the years, we have tried multiple diaper rash creams on our children. Our favorite barrier cream is Desitin. For mild diaper rashes we simply coat with Desitin after cleaning the diaper area.

For more severe or persistent diaper rashes we
1.) Clean the area well
2.) Blow dry on low setting
3.) Coat the diaper area with Desitin.

When changing a “wet” diaper, we do not wipe off the Desitin. We apply more Desitin and change to a dry diaper. For “poopy” diapers, we clean blow dry and re-coat with Desitin.

When diaper rashes are severe we often bath our children rather than wipe to clean the diaper area.

For toddler diaper rashes, we often encourage “diaper free time” (running around naked).

If a child’s diaper rash does not respond to persistent treatment, take them to their doctor. While most diaper rashes are “contact” diaper rashes, some rashes can be caused by yeast or even bacteria.



Written October 2011 by
Dr. Gordon, Windermere Pediatrician


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