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Baby Neck Rash

Neck Yeast Rash

My 3 month old son has a red rash on his neck. It has slowly developed over the last 10 days. It does not seem to bother him. Any help would be appreciated.

Red neck rashes are common in young children. The primary problem is moisture (aka drool) trapped in neck folds. Most of these are “contact rashes” which appear “wet” and come and go overtime. Contact rashes often improve by simply keeping the area dry. Your son’s neck rash has persisted and is gradually worsening. This history combined with the pictures provided indicate his rash is likely caused by a yeast infection. Yeast caused rashes often begin with a contact rash and then progress.

Baby Neck Rash

Yeast are usually harmless microorganisms that normally live on our skin. Given the right environment, yeast will rapidly multiple leading to an infection. Yeast rashes are more common when a child has been on an antibiotic. Any history of antibiotics? Yeast can also appear in the mouth as thrush or in the diaper area. Yeast grow best in warm, moist areas. Unlike contact rashes, yeast rashes usually involve the deepest creases. I would typically treat this with a prescription anti-fungal cream called nystatin. Frequent or severe yeast infections may indicate and underline immunologic problem. Please take him to see his doctor for appropriate treatment.

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Written November 2012 by
Dr. Gordon, Orlando Pediatrician


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