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Propranolol for Hemangiomas


Propranolol is an old medicine with a new use. Propranolol is often used as a blood pressure and migraine medication. In the last 4 years, several small studies have described propranolol’s ability to help with hemangiomas. Hemangiomas that took years to improve are gone in only a few month of propranolol treatment. While the medical cormmunitity is excited about these findings, these are early studies.

This is series of pictures showing the progression of a hemangioma under treatment. This patient was treated with twice a day propranolol for 4 months.

2 weeks old (when hemangioma was first noticed) lip hemangioma
10 weeks old (before propranolol treatment was started) hemangioma in newborn

3 months old
(after first treatment)

baby with hemangioma
After only 3 treatments with propranolol propranolol for hemangioma
After 7 treatments of propranolol resolving hemangioma
5 months old (after 2 months of propranolol treatments) hemangioma on lip improving

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see more pictures of hemangiomas (including a really cute heart shaped hemangioma)


Written November 2012 by
Dr. Gordon, Orlando Pediatrician






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