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Moving to a Toddler Bed

In general, we prefer to have our toddlers in a crib. We keep our children in their cribs as long as possible. Sometime between 2 to 3 years old we are forced to move them to a regular bed. The driving force for this move is either the toddler has learned to climb out of their crib or (more often at the Gordon home) a new sibling that needs the crib.

When you begin the transition, to a “big boy” (or girl) bed do not teach them to climb in and out of their bed. If you continue to place the toddler in their bed, you will often have a couple days or weeks where they do not know they can climb out.

With our first toddler, we got run over and squashed. She would get out or her bed, run around in the middle of the night and generally occupy our evenings with poor behavior. Simply by returning her to her room each time, she eventually got the message. Unfortunately, it took great effort and caused unneeded stress.

Our second time around we did much better. When our second toddler was moved to a “big boy bed” we used a two gate system. When he left his room the first time we put up a baby gate. When he climbed over the first gate we put a baby gate on top of the first gate (completely blocking the doorway). He would then cry and eventually fall asleep. He quickly learned, he did not want the gates put up. He would stand at his door and call for us and eventually fall asleep. The rules were clear and it worked well.



Written July 2010 by
Dr. Gordon, Windermere Pediatrician






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