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Two Years Old

two year old


Two year old development

A 2 year old should be able to:
feed a doll, remove a garment, build a tower of 4 cubes, , kick a ball, speech should be half clear.

see Developmental Milestones


Two year olds should eat what their parents should be eating. After two, children do not need extra fat in their diet. Stop giving your toddler whole milk and start offering skim milk. Two years are notorious finicky eaters.

Remember as children eat less, the parent’s role changes. No longer are they “to feed”. Parents need to present their child with healthy options, set a good example and back off.

Picky Toddler

I know you say that toddlers will eat the calories they need, but I'm really worried about my daughter - she is very picky.  When we “serve her healthy foods” she often refuses to eat altogether. (... more on Picky Toddler)

Milk for 2 year olds

At 2 years, children should be transitioned to low fat, skim milk. Our children have seemed to prefer skim and the transition has been seamless. Often children prefer whole milk and initially refuse to drink skim. (... more on Milk for 2 year olds)

Vitamins for a 2 year old

Do you recommend a multi-vitamin for two year olds? The only vegetable my daughter will eat is green beans. Since we switched her milk from whole to 2% or skim she doesn't really drink (... more on Vitamins for a 2 year old)

2 year old holding food in mouth

I have a 2 year old who has begun holding food in her mouth when she doesn't want to eat what I've given her. I’m not sure how to handle the situation and it's happening (... more on 2 year old holding food in mouth)

2 Year Old Discipline

What techniques work best for handling 2yr olds when they act out (hit, smack, push). Is saying "we do not hit" and putting him in timeout the best approach? We do this and he is still (see more on 2 year old discipline)

Discipline - Taking the toddler to church

We attend church every Sunday and bring the whole family. We often feel like a sideshow as we walk in and are certain many people watch our family’s behavior. We have good weeks and we have bad weeks. (... more on Taking the Toddler to Church)

Chip System

Discipline often focuses on eliminating negative behavior. In our home we also try to encourage positive behavior. One of the ways we do this with our children (2 years and up) is with a chip system. (... more on Chip System)

Potty Training

Potty training is difficult for parents because it is the first thing that the parents cannot do for their child. The interest and willingness to potty train must come from the child. (... more on potty training).

Potty Training Questions

Starting Potty Training

I've been potty training my son for the past seven days. He has yet to actually pee or poop in the toilet. I keep underpants on him and now for the past 3 days holds everything in until bedtime when I put diapers on. What should I do? Should I continue potty training or keep playing his game? (... more on Starting Potty Training)

2 year old who likes to be naked

My daughter is now 27 months old and quite interested in the potty. Videos, books, loves her panties( to play with).  She tells me the minute she goes...etc.  Lately she has been taking her diaper off and all her clothes for that matter at nap time.  We have a video monitor so I can (... more on the 2 year old who likes to be naked)

Potty Training Resistance

My daughter is 28 months old and is fighting us on potty training.  We have a small potty for her downstairs that we keep in her playroom and a small potty upstairs for her in the bathroom.  She has peed in it twice (on her own).  I allow her to run (... more on Potty Training Resistance)

2 year old who prefers to poop in a diaper

I am potty training my 2 year old girl, just turned 2 in December.  I also have a 4 year old girl.  The potty training is going great.  Only a few accidents in just 3 days.  However, she has not pooped on the potty yet. The first day it was in her panties.  The 2nd day she asked to go (... more on 2 year old who prefers to poop in a diaper)

Pooping on Potty

My 2 1/2 year old daughter is having issues with pooping in the potty. She has been peeing in the potty since March/April of this year. She has pooped in the potty before and was given a reward. However, for the last 3-4 months she has been holding her poop for a few days and refuses to poop in the (... more on Pooping on Potty)

Potty Training Regression

My son will be three in June and has been potty trained for 5 months now with an occasional accident but for the most part was fully potty trained. Within the last few months he started showing some signs of discomfort when needing to go #2. He will freeze up his whole body stiff as a board and it (... more on Potty Training Regression)

Moving to a bed from a crib

In general, we prefer to have our toddlers in a crib. We keep our children in their cribs as long as possible. Sometime between 2 to 3 years old we are forced to move them to a regular bed. The driving force for this (... more on moving to a bed from a crib)

How to get a toddler to stay in bed

My son is 28 months old and refuses to sleep in his own bed anymore.  He is in a toddler bed and was on a great routine for a while.  One day he decided he was not sleeping (... more on How to get a toddler to stay in bed)

Preparing for a second child

I have a question that a few of my friends are struggling with now as we're pregnant with our second child. What's the best way to introduce a young toddler to your new baby and how can you make the first weeks (... more on preparing for a second child)

Tummy aches

My 2 1/2 year old tends to tell me her "tummy aches" during dinner. However, of recent, she's said it now when not eating. At what point does it stop being a reason to not eat and start being a concern? The other night (... more on Tummy Aches)

Sleeping on the Floor

My daughter is 2 1/2 and started not sleeping through the night about 6 months ago.  In February I had her adenoids removed and after a few months she began sleeping again as normal.  Now she is back to waking at (... more on Sleeping on the Floor)

Brushing Teeth

Brushing my 2 year old son's teeth has become a battle. He fight us and runs off. I am worried his teeth are not getting cleaned well enough. Is this normal? Any suggestions? We had fought similar battles over (... more on Brushing Teeth)

Afraid of the Dark

I decided to give this a try and email you on some trouble I have been having with my two year old. She is extremely afraid of the dark to the point where she. She will not go to her room even in the day time by herself to (... more on Afraid of the Dark)

When can a Toddler use a Pillow?

My son just turned 2. We transitioned him into a toddler bed a couple months ago. The transition has been a very smooth one, until recently. He continues to ask for a pillow when he goes to bed, and gets mad that (... more on When can a Toddler use a Pillow)

Toddlers and Riding Mowers

My in-laws keep telling my twin 2 year olds about taking them for a ride on their new lawn mower/tractor. Is this something you think is safe? I think it sounds dangerous and putting them in a compromising situation (... more on Toddlers and Riding Mowers)

Toddler Waking Up at Night

My 22 month old daughter is getting her 24 month molars.  For about a week she has been waking up around 1am or 2am and then not going back to sleep, no matter what we do.  She normally goes to sleep on her own and sleeps all night.  We have tried holding her, trying to calm her by rocking, (... more on Toddler Waking Up at Night)


My 2 1/2 year old daughter is presenting with vaginal discharge (dark yellow) and no other symptoms. I am a microbiologist and I performed a urine culture (negative) and vaginal culture that grew out few non-hem strep
(normal vaginal flora) and
(... more on vaginitis)

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