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2 Weeks Old

2 week old with Dr. Gordon

Two week check-up PDF

The main goal of a 2 week check up is make sure the newborn is back to birthweight.

Feeding 2 week old

By 10 to 14 days old children should be back to their birthweight. After two weeks, the average infant should gain 0.5 to 1.0 ounces per day and grow about a inch per month. Once breastfeeding has been established, I (... more on feeding 2 week old)

How long can you store breast milk?

Increasing a Baby's Feedings

My son is one month old and I had a question about feeding.  I have been feeding him 3-3 1/2 oz so far (from pumping or the occasional formula supplement).  Should I continue that (... more on Increasing a baby's feedings)

Pacifying at the Breast

I am breast feeding my son. He is 6 weeks old. However, he seems to spend a lot of time on the breast and is just pacifying (incidentally, he doesn't take a pacifier).  Is this okay? How long should he spend (...more on 6 week old pacifying at the breast)

Breastfeeding while Sick

Should I stop breastfeeding my 11 day old if I have a stomach bug? This is an important time to continue nursing. Formula will never be able to replicated the immune protection provided by breast milk. (... more on breastfeeding while sick)

Sleep for 2 week olds

After infants have regained their birthweight and feeding is established, parents no longer need to wake their child at night. Begin by creating a loud, bright stimulating daytime where people talk and full voice, (... more on sleep for 2 week olds)

Baby Fussiness

The average baby cries their most at 6 weeks. Typically, the crying is its worst in the evening. The typical story for the stay at home mother and the father with a day job goes like this: The mother has the day she dreamt (... more on baby fussiness)

GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)/Spitting up

All babies spit up, but few need treatment. When adults or older children eat, a muscle at the top of the stomach called the lower esophageal sphincter tightens and prohibits the stomach contents from going into the (... more on GERD /spitting up)

Gassy Baby

My daughter is now 4 ½ weeks old and is both breastfed as well as formula fed.  The past 2 weeks she has had really bad gas with stomach pains associated with it. She has had a hard time sleeping some nights with the pain and is passing ALOT of gas (... more on gassy baby)


Little is known about colic. Colic is frequent unexplained crying in a healthy growing child. Infants with colic typically draw up their legs when crying. It is named “colic” as the pain is thought to come from the colon. It usually begins around 3 to 4 weeks and resolves at 3 to 4 months. (... more on Colic)




We used pacifiers for our children. It is an effective way to calm babies. I do not think that pacifiers interfere with breast feeding. Smart pacifier use can prevent thumb sucking. Like most adults, I detest (...more on pacifiers)

Cradle Cap

Cradle cap or seborrheic dermatitis is the infant form of dandruff. It can be treated with adult shampoos or a variety of oils. I find the best results with dandruff shampoo “Head and Shoulders” and “Selsum Blue”. (... more on Cradle Cap)

Blocked Tear Duct

About 20 percent of newborns will have a blocked tear duct or lacrimal duct stenosis. Typically, parents notice recurrent yellow eye discharge without any redness of the white of the eye. This can occur in one or both eyes. (... more on Blocked Tear Ducts)

First Bath

After the umbilical area (belly button) has healed you can give your child a real bath. Unless your baby is a big spitter their is little need to bathe your baby. However, we have always bathed our babies each evening as part of a bedtime routine. After a couple weeks of nighttime bathes and routine you will see your child relax and prepare for nighttime. See sleep

Newborn Travel

I prefer parents wait to travel until their children are at least 2 months old and have received their first set of immunizations. Travel often exposes children to infections. Children under 3 months with febrile illness (... more on Traveling with a Baby)

newborn breast swelling

Newborn Breast Swelling

My 2 week old baby’s breast are swollen. Is this normal?
Yes, this is normal and common. Infant of both genders can have breast swelling in the first few weeks of life. This swelling is caused (... more on Newborn Breast Swelling)

Sleep Positioners and Wedges

I have an 11 week old and she seems to always turn her head to the left side when she sleeps or is in her car seat. Daycare mentioned to me to try and turn her to the other side when she sleeps so that she do(... more on Sleep Positioners and Wedges)

Umbilical Hernias

My newborn son has a hernia in his belly button. Our Ped said it should go away on its own. Do you agree? Yes. It is very common for infants to have an umbilical hernia. Most close in the first few months of life. They can (... more on umbilical hernias)

Pooping every other day

We live in Arizona our average temperature during the summer is 106 ⁰. I have a 3 wk old infant boy. I am breast feeding.  He does not have a daily bowel movement. He has a lot of gas. (... more on Pooping every other day)

Baby Log

Since leaving the hospital, my husband and I have continued to document when our daughter feeds and when she has bowel movements.  At what point can we stop documenting this type of information? (... more on baby log)

Baby Acne

My 5 week old has started to get baby acne all over her face.  Do I just let it run its course or is there an ointment I should apply? Neonatal acne peaks around 1 month of age. These red bumps resemble the zits of our teen years. (... more on Baby Acne)

umbilical cord bleeding

Baby Belly Button Bleeding

Our daughter’s umbilical cord fell off when she was 10 days old. Since then her belly button area often has small amounts of dried blood. Is this common? Is there anything we need to do? (... more on Baby Belly Button Bleeding)



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Dr. Gordon, Windermere Pediatrician
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