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2 Months Old

2 month old

2 month development

A 2 month should be able to:
Lift head when prone, follow to midline, regard face, smile

see Developmental Milestones

2 month immunizations

Todays parents are flooded with information surrounding vaccines. Everyone has heard the horror stories that vaccines cause autism or other problems. This stories persist despite the preponderance of medical evidence.2 month vaccinations

Tylenol Before Shots

We are bringing our son in for his 2-month check-up and immunizations next week. Should we give him Tylenol (or other generic pain reliever) just before the appointment or wait until after the shots, if needed?(...more on Tylenol Before Shots)

Feeding a 2 month old

There are no big feeding changes typically discussed at the 2 month visit. Parents should slowly space out feedings with the hope of getting the child to sleep through the night. As the feedings are spaced out, children gradually take more milk at each feeding.

2 month old constantly eating

My daughter is just 2 months old and eating CONSTANTLY (it seems).  Sometimes, she eats every 4 hours and sometimes, she eats every two.  She is already "eating" 6 ounces every feeding.  When she wants (...more on 2 month old constantly eating)

Introducing formula to a breastfed 2 month old

I have a 7 1/2 week old baby who has only been fed breastmilk thus far. I plan to return to work in 4 weeks and I will be stopping breastfeeding completely. I want to slowly introduce formula (... more on introducing formula to a breastfed 2 month old)

Supplementing with formula

My daughter is about 11 weeks old. I am going back to work soon so I wanted to start supplementing her with formula. Should I start with Similac Advance or Sensitive. She is still (... more on Supplementing with formula)

Stopped taking bottles

My wife returned to work part time, so we are doing bottled breast milk for some feedings.  Last week was her first shift and everything went well. Our daughter took the bottles and both (... more on stopped taking bottles)

Growth chart basics

At each check up your pediatrician should go over your child’s growth and plot it on a growth chart. There are different growth charts for boys and girls . A child’s length, weight and head circumference should be measured at check-ups in the first 2 years of life.

When looking at a growth charts realize that 90% of people are in the white area. The dark colored band in the middle of the white area is the 50% line or average mark. I often refer to the 2 month visit growth percentiles as starting positions, because it is more important where you end up then where you start.


Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion is a frequent complaint for children in the first 4 months of life. The major causes of congestion are: 1.) Anatomic/physiologic - Infants have both small nasal size and an inability to breathe through their (... more on nasal congestion)


Dry skin

When children have dry skin, I recommend daily baths and lots of lotion. Daily baths of 5 to 10 minutes maximize skin water absorption and minimize skin oil loss. Immediately after the bath, towel dry them and cover them with lotion. For most cases, I recommend Aveeno, but if it is really bad you might try aquaphor. Aquaphor works well, but is greasy. If your child’s skin is not improving, see your doctor.

Diaper Rash Treatment

What is the best treatment for diapers rashes? Most diaper rashes are “contact diaper rashes”. Contact diaper rashes are usually caused by exposure stool irritants. Rarer causes include physical trauma of diaper changes ( ... more on Diaper Rash Treatment)



Penile Adhesions

Many circumcised boys have penile adhesions. These are non-painful skin bridges that connect onto the penile head. They can occur immediately after circumcision secondary to procedure related swelling. They typically occur in (... more on penile adhesions)

See a series of sketches of penile adhesions


Insect Repellent

The AAP considers bug spray safe for use in children 2 months and older. Products that contain DEET (N,N-Diethyl-3-Methylbenzamide) are generally considered the most effective. Higher percentages of DEET our felt to last longer, but not be more effective. According to the AAP website products with 10% DEET should protect for about 2 hours, while products with 24% DEET should last 5 hours. There is no benefit to using products that contain more than 30% DEET.


2 month old sleep

Crying to Sleep at 7 weeks

Our daughter is 7 weeks old today and for the past week we’ve had to let her just cry herself to sleep at night.  If we hold her she falls asleep in our arms but when we go to put her into her bed she wakes up (...more on Crying to Sleep at 7 weeks)

2 Month Old Waking in the Night

I am having a very difficult time getting my 2 month old daughter to sleep past 3am. I changed her bed time from 8 to 10 in hopes it would improve things, but it hasn't. During the daytime, she typically gets (...more on waking in the night at 2 months)

Only Wants Mommy

My daughter is almost 9 weeks old. When she fights sleep, she will not calm herself and refuses to let anyone else calm her down but me. This happens both at night and during the day. I have tried leaving the (... more on Only Wants Mommy)

When to Stop Swaddling

My son is 3 1/2 months old. We are still swaddling him when he sleeps. Is this ok?  He doesn't seem to have good control over his movements and he will wake himself up if not swaddled.  Although, he is getting strong (... more on When to Stop Swaddling)

What do I do when my 2-month-old wakes in the night?

I met you today for the first time with my 2-month-old. Our son has not been sleeping and you talked me through starting a schedule and nightly routine. I forgot to ask you what you suggest I do if/when he wakes up (... more on What do I do when my 2-month-old wakes in the night?)

Should I be worried about my 12 week old baby having cold clammy hands and feet ?

Children at this age will often have cold/clammy or even purple hands. The answer to your question depend on the general health of your baby. If your child is feeding well and acting well, I would not worry about this. However, if your child is sick (fever, lethargy, fussiness) cold/clammy hands can be an addition sign of illness.


Normal stooling patterns

My 7 week old is breastfed and I introduced him to formula a week ago. He was constipated for 4 days until I brought him to the office and our pediatrician got him to have a bowel movement. Since then he only has (...more on constipated 7 week old)

Constipated 2 month old

I've been giving my 2 month old Barley cereal in his bottles for his spitting up, but it's now causing constipation. What can I do to help him have easier bowel movements? (... more on constipated 2 month old)

Constipation when changing to formula

My question is that I am trying to introduce formula to my 8 week old.....I hate breastfeeding; I am currently both feeding directly and pumping and feeding from a bottle. I want to give some (... more on constipation on formula)

Baby with Green Stools

My 7 week old is eating about 90% breast milk, I do give her a formula bottle every day or two. She eats and sleeps well with plenty of wet diapers each day. Her stools however in the last (see more on baby with green stools)

Plagiocephaly (abnormal head shape in babies)

In the 1990s, the current United States “Back to Sleep” program began to reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). This program has been very effective at saving lives. Unfortunately, since then there has (... more on Plagiocephaly)


Baby Sweating

My 7 week old gets extremely hot when in his car seat, when he is held, or in any position for too long.  This results in his back becoming very sweaty and his skin appears red.  We keep our house at 78 degrees, (... more on baby sweating).

Baby Acne

My 5 week old has started to get baby acne all over her face.  Do I just let it run its course or is there an ointment I should apply? Neonatal acne peaks around 1 month of age. These red bumps resemble the zits of our teen (... more on baby acne)

Baby Neck Rash

My 3 month old son has a red rash on his neck. It has slowly developed over the last 10 days. It does not seem to bother him. Any help would be appreciated. Red neck rashes are common in young children. The primary (... more on Baby Neck Rash)




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