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12 month development

12 month old


A 12 month should be able to:
bang 2 cubes held, thumb-finger grasp, waves bye-bye, indicates wants, says “mama” or “dada”, get into sitting, pulls to stand

see Developmental Milestones


At the 12 month visit, children normally receive their first Varivax, first Hep A and fourth/final Prevnar. See full immunization schedule.


Discipline 12 months old

By 12 months parents should have started discipline. As the children become increasing mobile, I recommend families use a stroller for to help train their child. Imagine while at your doctors office Jimmy, your walking (... more on discipline 12 months old).


Feeding at 12 months

One year olds should be off formula and off bottles. Prolonged use of bottles causes cavities and increases the risk of ear infections. They should move onto sippy cups and whole milk. I do not recommend follow-up formula. (...more on feeding 12 month old)

Milk for 1 year olds

At one year of age, children should be transitioned off formula onto whole milk. One year olds need a diet that is high in fat for continued brain development. Children continue to myelinate (coat) brain and nerve cells (... more on Milk for 1 year olds)

Extended Breast feeding

What are your thoughts on Extended Breastfeeding (breastfeeding beyond 1 year of age)?  Typically how long were your children breastfed? Clearly, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation of 12 months is (... more on Extended Breast Feeding).

Not Sleeping After Starting Whole Milk

Our younger daughter turned one on Dec. 3rd. We slowly changed her over from formula to whole milk over a couple of weeks and to sippy cups.  She was on whole milk starting just before her first (... more on Not Sleeping After Starting Whole Milk)

Getting Children to Eat Vegetables

As a child, I was the picky eater of our family. My parents often joke that I survived only because of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. In contrast my children are great eaters, in large part thanks for my (... more on Getting Children to Eat Vegetables)

Skinny 12 month old

I have a 12 month old who weighs 19 lbs and is 29 inches. He adds about 1lb/month, so he's running on the skinny side. He eats 3 hearty adult meals and drinks plenty of whole milk. What kinds of foods will add weight on? (... more on Skinny 12 month old)

Vitamins for a 1 year old

My child is 14 months old.  He is drinking a combination of Enfagrow and whole milk (soon just whole milk.)  Should I also be giving him a vitamin, and if so, what kind?
(more on vitamins for a 1 year old)

Refusing to eat

Our 12 month old is refusing whole milk.  She will only drink water from her sippy cup.  Along with this issue the only whole food she will eat is yogurt (4 times a day) puffs and cheerios.  I know she is not eating (... more on 12 month old refusing to eat).

Starting a sippy cup

How do you get a 12/13 month old to hold his bottle or sippy cup?  He seems to be very lazy about this.  He was born a month early and weighed 4lb 12oz at birth. One year olds should be feeding themselves. They (...more on starting sippy cup)

Sippy cup concerns

Tommee Tippee has a line of drinking cups that, I assume, you're supposed to progress into at different ages. For 12 mth old, they have straw cups and at 2 yr old, they basically have cups thy have a tiny hole on (... more on sippy cup concerns)

1 year old refusing to drink milk

My daughter is not quite 13 months, has been transitioned completely off the bottle, but is refusing to drink even one ounce of milk a day.  I have tried everything from initially combining half formula/half milk, (... more on 1 year old refusing to drink milk)

1 year old refusing solids

My 11.5 month old is going through a stage of refusing nearly all solids, which I’ve read is a normal thing that I shouldn’t worry too much about. However, I’m unsure whether we should (... more on 1 year old refusing solids)

Dribbling Milk

My 13 month old will leisurely and sporadically drink his milk. If he's really thirsty, he will drink about 2 oz without spilling a drop. But as he relieves his thirst, he will continue to drink and will let it dribble out of his mouth.(... more on dribbling milk)


In general, I do not recommend mothers stop nursing their babies. The AAP recommendation to nurse for a year is an arbitrary round number. How long a mother nurses is a personal decision. I often joke,”You know you have nursed too long when you child can say the phrase “whip it out””.

When you are ready to wean your child, I recommend dropping out one feeding about every 2 weeks. The last feeding to drop out is typically the bedtime feeding.

Choking hazards

Parents are right to worry about choking. Avoid hard candies, nuts, whole grapes, clumps of raisins, popcorn and anything of similar size and consistency. We often introduce raisins, popcorn, whole grapes and some nuts when our children our 3 years old. When giving any child these things they should be seating and calm. Anything can be a choking hazard when a child is running around. There is considerable variability in the size and shape of these chokeables. I recommend you sort them and be present when a your child eats these type of items.

The Transition from Two Naps to One Nap

When should my child first see a dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend that children see a dentist and establish a “dental home” by 12 months of life. (... more on When should my child first see a dentist?)

Screaming 1 year old

I have a 12 month old boy and he constantly is letting out shrieking screams.  He isn't upset but seems to want to hear himself.  He does this often and sometimes without being provoked.  At home it is tolerable but in (... more on Screaming 1 year old)

Cough Treatment

Is there anything you can give to a child under the age of 2 with a wicked cough that keeps him/her up all night?  All cough medicines seem to say not to give to kids under 2 (or even 4). Vicks vapor rub on the chest/feet doesn’t (... more on cough treatment)

1 year old sleeping too much

1 year old sleeping too much

My daughter has just turned 1 and she sleeps 15-16 hours at night and anything up to a 4 hour nap during the day too! So she could sleep up to 20hours per day! (Average is 18) She has gained alot of weight, was( ... more on 1 year old sleeping too much)

Baby Overlapping Toes

Our daughter has overlapping toes. We noticed when she was around 10 months old and she is 17 months old now. Our pediatrician said we could see a specialist, but that the issue would (... more on Baby Overlapping Toes)

Amber Teething Necklaces - Do they work?

I belong to a "moms group" on Facebook and several mothers swear by these amber teething necklaces.  Instantly I couldn't fathom putting something on my baby's neck, but (... more on Amber Teething Necklaces - Do they work?

Constipation starting Cow's Milk

Since our 12 month old has been on whole milk and no formula, he has been having painful bowel movements irregularly. He usually has at least two movements a day and they aren't painful for him.  (... more on Constipation starting Cow's Milk)



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Dr. Gordon, Windermere Pediatrician







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