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Toddler Hitting Head

toddler hitting head

My 20 month old son is Extremely active and is constantly hitting his head.  Should we be worried he is going to damage anything inside that cute little head of his?

Toddlers often self induce head trauma. It is common for toddlers to run into walls and fall down on the driveway. We try to time our Christmas pictures between facial bruises. Even the most paranoid, helicopter parent cannot stop these accidents(unless you like the helmeted toddler look).

Falls from a child’s own height are unlikely to cause any serious damage. Please take your son to the emergency room if:

He loses consciousness (gets knocked out)
He vomits after the fall ( many children will vomit in the first couple minutes as they are emotionally upset. I’m worried about vomiting after the first 10 minutes)
He is not acting right (difficulty walking, not recognizing family member, etc.)

When your son does fall observe him and stay calm. Parents that repetitively freak out and scream teach their children to panic and cry when hurt. I am frequently amazed by the toughness of our toddlers.



Written December 2011 by
Dr. Gordon, Windermere Pediatrician






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