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Sleep for 2 week olds

2 week old sleeping

After infants have regained their birthweight and feeding is established, parents no longer need to wake their child at night. Begin by creating a loud, bright stimulating daytime where people talk and full voice, listen to music and watch T.V. In contrast, nighttime should be dark and boring where one parent wakes and calmly feeds the newborn in dim lighting. It is my experience, that in simply providing a “nighttime” environment and waiting for the child to sleep that most babies will sleep 6 to 8 hours stretches consistently between 2 to 4 months

A bedtime routine will help signify the beginning of nighttime. Our newborn bedtime routine begins around 10 pm (1) feed (2) bath (3)dress/swaddle (4)feed again/top off. During this process dim the lights and speak calmly. After only a few nights of this routine, you will see your child relax and prepare for sleep.

Many grandmothers will tell you that you need to feed a baby solids to get them to sleep through the night. Medical studies contradict these thoughts. All seven of my children have learned to sleep through the night before 3 months and before they ever had solid foods.


- "My husband and I started a bedtime routine based off yours from your site and it's worked wonders. By 7 weeks old our daughter was easily sleeping through the night (7-8 hours). At 3 months old, she now sleeps 9-10! Thank you Dr. Gordon!"


Sleeping Through the Night at 6 weeks

I have a 6 week old.  Two nights in a row he slept for at least 6 hours. The first night I woke him up, the second night he slept for 7 hours and woke up on his own. Is this okay? Should I be waking him (... more on 6 week old sleeping through the night)

Baby Waking Every 2 Hours

We've added a 6 week old to our family who has been sleeping in a bassinet in our room, and he's waking every 2 hours to feed - we're wondering if he's just pacifying himself and does this mean (... more on Baby Waking Every 2 Hours)

Baby Awake at Night

My 4 and a half week old is wide Awake after 2 am feeding, I keep lights low, ( i do have my tv on quietly to stay awake) but i don't make eye contact and only change diaper if necessary. We start bedtime routine, at 10/1030, bath, swaddle (... more on Baby Awake at Night)



Written April 2011 by
Dr. Gordon, Orlando Pediatrician






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