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Nine Months Old



Nine months old

9 Month Old Development

A 9 month should be able to:
feeds self, take 2 cubes, rake raisin, jabbers, imitate speech sounds, stand holding on, sit without support

see Developmental Milestones



At the 9 month visit, we usually only give the 3rd IPV and check a CBC (complete blood count). See full immunization schedule.


By 9 months, my children are eating thinly sliced deli turkey, pasta, and cut up pieces of fruit.  We will often begin some dairy (cheeses and yogurt).  They usually are eating 3 meals a day. Children should be off (or weaning off) baby foods and on all table foods by 12 months. They should be eating (... more on feeding 9 months old)

When can you feed children eggs?

Can I feed my 9 month old eggs? We feed our children eggs beginning at 9 months. Classically, doctors recommended feeding egg yolks at 12 months and egg whites at 2 years. Egg whites were delayed as they of the six most (... more on When can you feed children eggs)

Transition from Baby Food to Table Food

I want to start weaning my 10 month old off baby jar food and on "real/finger foods" but I haven't the slightest idea how much and what kind of food to give for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. ...(more on the Transition from Baby Food to Table Food)

Vomiting After Starting Whole Milk

My daughter is 10-months old and I am trying to wean her from breast milk to whole milk.  I normally breast feed her four times a day.  I tried introducing a small amount of cow's milk (... more on Vomiting after starting whole milk)

Honey for Babies

I know that babies under 1 are not supposed to eat raw honey but when can they eat food with honey in them (i.e., Honey Nut Cheerios, Honey Maid graham crackers, etc.)?Raw honey is not recommended for (... more on Honey for Babies)

Picky 11 month old

For three weeks my 11-month-old daughter is not eating any solid food but these organic broccoli, kale and cheddar baked snacks. I thought the issue was her wanting to feed herself mostly, so I've given her (... more on Picky 11 month old)

Constipation on formula

My 10 month old is really having trouble passing her stool.  The stool itself is extremely dense and when she struggles mightily, only the smallest amount will come out.  Over the past three days she has really (... more on Constipation on formula)

Teething Pain

My son's pediatrician said that Orajel (given in very small doses) is ok to give to my 8 month old who's teething.  Also, I just read about the recall on Hyland's tablets. What is your take on Orajel and Hyland's.  I think a large (... more on teething pain)

Nine month old swim lessons

Swim Lessons

My children have all had swim lessons.  We started our children shortly after they learned to crawl.  They learned to float as infants and then swim - float - swim as toddlers.  I do not consider my children drown proof at any age.  Swim lesson are just one component of keeping our kids safe. We rely on a pool fence and close parental supervision. Until May 24, 2010, the AAP had actually (... more on Swim Lessons)



9 Month Behavior


Discipline should begin shortly after a child begins to crawl. At this time parents should discuss how they want to begin disciple. This a personal matter and deeply rooted in one’s own upbringing. (... more on discipline 9 months old)

Wanting to be held

crying 9 month old

Our twins, now 7 ½ months, are doing great.  They are both crawling and pulling themselves up.  Our son is extremely happy and very laid back.  His sister is a bit more challenging (a girl thing, I am sure). J  Lately she has been getting hysterical (crying very hard, holding breath, big tears…) every time I put her down, but instantly becomes happy when we pick her (... more on wanting to be held)

Afraid of Men

My 8-month old baby girl will not be left alone with a man (including Daddy) without screaming non-stop.  It is not a “stranger-issue” because she is fine with all women…it seems to only be men.  It’s been very difficult because she can’t even be left only with Daddy.  Thoughts/Ideas? (... more on Afraid of Men)

Somersaults at 8 months

My eight month old is already walking, not perfectly, but he's determined to perfect it anytime now. As of a week ago he started doing what looks like a somersault, or trying to do it. (... more on Somersaults at 8 months)

9 Month Old Sleep

Waking up early in the morning

Do you have any suggestions for getting our ten month old to sleep later in the morning?  She regularly wakes around 5am.  She still takes two naps and sleeps at night from 7pm to 5am. Having a large (... more on Waking up early in the morning)

Crying it out not working

Our almost 8-month-old daughter wants me to hold her all the time and cannot self soothe - I can't walk out of the room for one minute even when I'm in eyesite; she wants me within arm's reach constantly. (... more on crying it out not w(orking)

9-month-old who hates crib

My daughter, who will be 9 months in 2.5 weeks has begun to hate being put in her crib. She has always been on a schedule with consistent nap and bed times and been put to sleep drowsy and at around 5 months I let her self soothe and she (... more on 9-month-old who hates crib)

10 month old not sleeping

This is a picture of my ten month old son. Ever since the day he was born he hated to be laid down to sleep. The only way he would sleep is if we held him all night. He initially had his days and nights mixed up and was colicky. By the time he (... more on 10 month old not sleeping)

Falls Asleep Sitting up

My 10 month old, who we were sleep training (using CIO), falls asleep regularly sitting up.  Last week, for example, he slept sitting up for 4 hours straight. His motor milestones are on par.  He crawls, sits up on his own, can pull (... more on falls asleep sitting up)


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