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Gassy Baby

gassy baby

My daughter is now 4 ½ weeks old and is both breastfed as well as formula fed.  The past 2 weeks she has had really bad gas with stomach pains associated with it. She has had a hard time sleeping some nights with the pain and is passing ALOT of gas, it is breaking my heart.  I changed her formula a week ago from Similac to Enfamil which didn’t really help.  I have tried the little tummy gas drops, which didn’t really help.  I just purchase the Similac Sensitive and was going to try that, but it seems like I would be contradicting the purpose of it by breastfeeding.  Do I stop breastfeeding?  Why did the issue start after 2 ½ weeks of being fine? Please help!

Are we sure it is gas? A gassy 4 week old should pass gas or burp and be happy. Sometimes gas is secondary to crying. Many babies will swallow air while crying and become gassy. We need to figure out why she is crying. A few questions:

Is it better with breastfeeding or bottle feeding breast milk?
Why are you feeding both breast milk and formula?
Is she mostly gassy in the evenings?
Are her stools soft and yellow or green?
Does she arch her back?
Does she spit up?

see my article on gas in newborns

While waiting for a response via email, we took her to our doctor (you, Dr. Gordon). Though she did not spit up alot you diagnosised reflux and put her on Zantac. She is much better!

If I had only come in sooner…….At about 3 weeks old she started crying all of the time with what seemed like really bad gas problems.  She would often bend and then stiffen her legs and whole body in pain (what I would now call arching).  There was not a lot we could do to comfort her (it was heartbreaking).  She kept passing so much gas during the process that we were convinced it was gas related. 

After calling into the triage line I stopped breastfeeding for 2 days thinking it was something I ate.  Then I switched the formula I was supplementing her with and was told it would take a week to see results after you change formulas. 

Nothing was working, she seemed to find a bit of comfort if she was laying on my stomach at somewhat of an angel, but this meant she was on her stomach which meant we still could not sleep (worried about SIDS).  She did not spit up very much, just a few times and a very little bit when she did.  I remember hearing quite often what I can only say sounded like air bubbles going up her throat and then she would make a face like something was in her mouth and cry, but there was nothing in her mouth. 

After we finally came into the office and  filled the prescription given for Zantac it was literally that same day/night we saw amazing results.  She had finally gotten some relief.  For the next week she still had a few bad moments (nothing in comparison to what it was). Holding her upright 15 minutes after she ate really seemed to helped.  

It is now almost 2 weeks later and she is the happiest sweetest little girl ever, no more issues and we get to sleep.  THANK YOU!!  



Written December 2011 by
Dr. Gordon, Orlando Pediatrician






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