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15 months old

15 month development

A 15 month should be able to:
play ball with parent, scribbles, put block in cup, says 3 words, walks well

see Developmental Milestones


At the 15 month visit, we typically give the first MMR, 4th Dtap, and 4th (and final) Prevnar. See full immunization schedule.

Favorite book list

Books to read to 1 to 5 year olds - Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown,Brown Bear Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr, Why are my fingers so (... more on favorite book list)

Feeding 15 month old

Typically , 9 to 10 month olds eat the greatest quantity and variety of foods. Hence, grandmothers love to feed 9 month olds. As children get closer to 18 months they often eat less and less. (... more on feeding 15 month old)

Cereal Bottles for a Toddler

I am trying to get some information for a friend. Her daughter is 17 months old and she still gives her a bottle before bed and puts cereal in the bottle with the milk. When I (... more on cereal bottles for a toddler)

Constipated 15 month old

My daughter is 15 months old.  When she was an infant, she did exactly as you stated she would when she pooped.  Now, it seems that having a bm is a struggle for her.  She pushes (... more on Constipated 15 month old)

Gordon Family Discipline Mantra

The following is a collection of some of the discipline sayings Maggie and I repeat to ourselves and each other: 1.) Tell the truth even when it hurts. Our hope is that by (... more on Gordon Family Discipline Mantra)

Sleep for 15 months

The Transition from Two Naps to One

My girls are teething and crawling and pulling themselves up on everything and I really thought that they would want to nap more than ever, yet it seems like napping is the last thing they want to do.  We (... more on the transition from two naps to one nap)

Toddler Waking at Night

I have breastfed my son for 14  months now. I have tried to give it up a couple of times but he has not cooperated very well with that. However, I am VERY ready to be done. He doesn't take a bottle any more (... more on Toddler Waking at Night)

15 month old sleep problems

My 15 month old daughter has always been a great sleeper. I used to give her a bottle in her cot and she would go to sleep without a peep. I realise I created a bad habit so I have started to lay in bed with her while she drinks her bottle and then put her in her cot to sleep. She now gets hysterical (... more on 15 month old sleep problems)

16 month old not sleeping

My 16 month old has been a great sleeper since we let her cry-it-out at around 5 months.  She normally sleeps for about 12 hours at night and takes two good naps during the day.  Now we are trying to transition (... more on 16 month old not sleeping)

Cry it out at Nap Time

I have mastered bedtime with my son and now trying to master nap time.  He is 16 months old and we use to co-sleep only at nap time.  For the past 3 days I have tried to rock him; sing him a few songs; put him in crib; put sound machine on; close the door and for the past few days has been crying for (... more on Cry it out at nap time)

Behavioral / 15 months

Head Banging

Our baby turns 15 Months old tomorrow. The past couple of weeks, he has started throwing temper tantrums when he is frustrated. When he throws the tantrum, he bends over and bangs his head on the (... more on head banging)


I have a 14 month old daughter who started biting at daycare about 3 weeks ago.  She transitioned from the "baby" room to the "one year old" room at 9 months because she started walking early. She was bitten many times (... more on biting in toddler)

Chewing on the crib

I have a 15 month old who is chewing his crib to pieces!  He began chewing on it to alleviate the pain of teething, but now does it for attention.  We have put teething guards on the rails, but he has found a way (... more on Chewing on the crib)

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