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Discipline 9 months old

Discipline should begin shortly after a child begins to crawl. At this time parents should discuss how they want to begin disciple. This a personal matter and deeply rooted in one’s own upbringing.

Discipline is important. When you walk into that first kindergarden teacher conference, what do you want to hear? You want to hear that your child is well behaved, smart and a joy to have in class. If they cannot behave at home they will not behave at school. Early discipline is critical to early schooling success. If your child is poorly behaved, do you think they will learn as much? Will they be encouraged by their teacher? Will they feel good about themselves?

Begin by holding your tongue. As much as possible avoid the “no” word. Distraction and redirecting should be frequently used techniques in this early period only. If your 9 month old, gets it the cabinets at the doctors office. Pick him up, move him and hand him a toy. If he goes back to the cabinet put him in his stroller or sit him on your lap.

When you use the word “no” it should have meaning. The definition of the word “no” should be if you continue to do that than I will discipline you. If you tell your child no and do not back yourself up than your children will not listen to you.

As time passes identify a major problem and use it to begin to teach your child about limitations and discipline. When our first child learned to climb and stand on our coffee table, we knew we had to begin discipline.

She would crawl over to the coffee table and put one knee up. We would call her name and say “no”. She would look at us, smile and then proceed to climb on the coffee table. She clearly heard us and she was clearly disobeying.

Maggie and I worked as a team and were able to break this dangerous habit and teach our child the “concept of discipline”. The next time she crawled over the coffee table, we said “no”, she smiled and continued to climb, we calmly said “time out” picked her up and placed her in a play pen with no toys.

A couple notes:
1.) Have a plan, it will help you stay calm.
2.) When you say “no” say it clearly and only once but do not yell (not unless you want to yell for the next 18 years).
3.)When we pick up our toddlers to put them in time out we pick them up with the child faced away from us (so that you are looking at their back). We only used this unique hold only when putting our kids in timeout. It helps link the child’s poor behavior with their discipline.
4.) You should put a toddler in time out long enough for them to stop crying for a couple minutes. As children get older you can use the one minute per year of age rule.


Written February 2011 by
Dr. Gordon, Orlando Pediatrician


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