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Discipline 12 months old

By 12 months parents should have started discipline. (If not see 9 months old or discipline.) As the children become increasing mobile, I recommend families use a stroller for to help train their child.

Imagine while at your doctors office Jimmy, your walking 14 month old, starts to play with an outlet. First, begin with a calm and clear “Jimmy no” and then redirect him. If he returns to the outlet say “Jimmy no - time out” and buckle him in your stroller. If the family is new to this, most children will then pitch a fit. With consistency and familiarity the fussing will improve.

If you let him out while he is resisting and crying then you are teaching your child to resist and cry. This applies to the stroller and begins to apply to everything. The child should be left alone/ignored until he has calmed down. Only once the child has calmed down should the child may be allowed out of the stroller.

If you do not have a stroller and pick your toddler up for discipline hold on tight. Many children will scream, cry, and arch their backs to wiggle out of a parents lap. If you allow these negative behaviors to free your child, you are going to get more resistance. When you discipline your child by restraining them in your lap you have began a fight that you must win.



Written February 2011 by
Dr. Gordon, Orlando Pediatrician


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