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Baby with Green Stools

baby with green stools

My 7 week old is eating about 90% breast milk, I do give her a formula bottle every day or two. She eats and sleeps well with plenty of wet diapers each day. Her stools however in the last 1.5 weeks have gone from several yellow poopy diapers a day to maybe one dark green smelly poop(s) a day. Sometimes she seems uncomfortable and gassy until she passes it. Is this change in frequency, color, and smell normal?

There is considerable variation to the consistency, color and frequency of babies’ stools. Breastfed infants typically have runnier, more frequent stools compared to formula fed infants. Normal baby stools are often described as dijon mustard to guacamole in color and consistency. It is unclear why an individual’s stools will be yellow one day and green the next. This even occurs in exclusively formula fed infants who are fed the exact same milk every day. Infant stools should be loose often the consistency of “runny cottage cheese”. These stools can occur with great variability: some children may stool twelve times per day, while other children may stool every 4 or 5 days. Stool odor is created by the bacterial components of an individual’s intestines. When children poop less frequently this give these intestinal microbes more time to create “stronger” smelling stools.

While, I cannot say with certainty that your 7 weeks olds stools are normal - they certainly sound like normal variation. Part of the process of evaluating a child’s stools is assessing their growth. Is your daughter growing well? Based on the picture included - she looks super healthy. If her stools are red or black, cause her pain, are hard or you are concerned about her growth then take her to her doctor.


Written February 2014 by
Gregory Gordon MD, Orlando Pediatrician







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