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Baby with Cold Hands and Feet

baby with cold hands and feet

Should I be worried about my infant son having cold clammy hands and feet ?

Healthy infants will often have cold/clammy or even purple hands. These findings are thought to be due to an immature peripheral nervous system. (Meaning this will get better as he and his nervous system matures.) These changes can be caused by a cold environment or illness.

First try warming up your infant, by swaddling him. If his cold/clammy hands and feet do not improve assess his overall health. Parents of healthy infants that are feeding well, growing well and acting well need not worry.

However, if your child is sick (fever, lethargy, fussy, or not growing well) cold/clammy hands can be a sign of illness. If your infant has additional signs of illness, please take him to his doctor.


newborn with blue feet

baby with cold blue feet

Pictures of a newborn with cold, blue feet

These are pictures of 4 day old infant who presented to my downtown Orlando office with extremely blue feet and worried parents. Fortunately, she is growing well, has no signs of illness and has a normal exam. There is no treatment needed. Given time and warmth her skin color with normalize.


What is the normal room temperature we should keep in our 5 week old's nursery? We usually keep it about 73 degrees but many books/websites say to keep the house in the 60's. (... more room temperature for babies)


see my video on how to swaddle

Written July 2011 by
Dr. Gordon, Orlando Pediatrician


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