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Vitamins for a 1 year old

My child is 14 months old.  He is drinking a combination of Enfagrow and whole milk (soon just whole milk.)  Should I also be giving him a vitamin, and if so, what kind?

We do not give vitamins to our children. We hope they are getting the required nutrients from fruits and veggies. Medical evidence does not support the use of vitamins in healthy individuals eating a variety of foods. (Pregnancy and infancy may be exceptions to this statement.)

I agree with your transition to whole milk as 1 year olds need these high fat foods as part of their diet. Over the next few months, most 14 month olds would gradually eat less quantity of food. Include your 14 month old in your families meals. Set a good example and offer your child a wide variety of foods. If you continue to persistently offer your child healthy foods (especially fruits and veggies), then they should not need vitamins.


Feeding / 12 month old

One year olds should be off formula and off bottles. Prolonged use of bottles causes cavities and increases the risk of ear infections. They should move onto sippy cups and whole milk. I do not recommend follow-up formula. (...more on feeding 12 month old)

Getting Children to Eat Vegetables

Extended Breast Feeding


Written Februrary 2011 by
Dr. Gordon, Orlando Pediatrician






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