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Sleep Positioners and Wedges

I have an 11 week old and she seems to always turn her head to the left side when she sleeps or is in her car seat. Daycare mentioned to me to try and turn her to the other side when she sleeps so that she doesn't develop a flat spot. You can already see a difference on the left side.

Is it ok to use a head positioner or a wedge to prevent her from favoring that side?  Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I do not recommend sleep positioners or wedges. I worry that they could contribute to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). The Consumer Product Safety Commission has link these products with multiple infant deaths. The November 2010 issue “AAP News” (American Academy of Pediatrics) concluded that “Caregivers should stop using positioning products and never put pillows, sleep positioners, comforters or quilts under a baby or in the crib.”

It sounds like your daughter has developed torticollis (a pulled neck muscle). I agree if this is not addressed it could cause her to develop an abnormal head shape called plagiocephaly. Please see my article on plagiocephaly for stretches and other techniques for torticollis.



Written February 2011 by
Dr. Gordon, Orlando Pediatrician






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