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Raising Good Parents

raising good parents

My book "Raising Good Parents: A guide to your baby's first year" was completed in 2014. It focuses on your childs first year of life. The paperback version is currently available for sale in my office and on amazon. The kindle version is also available on amazon.


As parents, we completely love our children despite their actions. We need, however, to teach our children actions that will be embraced in the world.

We all want our children to be healthy and well behaved. The foundation for both a healthy lifestyle and behavior are laid in the first year of life. Getting off to the right start is critical. Families that are able to address issues during the first year of life seem to possess (or develop) the skills to address later issues. The same parents that can't get their son to sleep through the night also can't get him to eat a healthy diet.

Motivated by a few families in my practice, I started my own parenting advice website, gregorygordonmd.com. After several months of answering parents' emails, it became clear that many parents are struggling with the same problems. The major first year issues are feeding, sleeping, discipline and circumcision care. New parents seem unaware of how and when to address these common parenting pitfalls. Knowledge and anticipation can prevent these challenges in the first year of life. The ideas and concepts presented in this book are not new or unique. They are honest, straight forward, traditional approaches to address the most common parenting issues. They have been repetitively tested in my practice and in our home.

Pediatricians face the challenge of taking care of both children and their parents. The time constraints of modern medicine often limit what can be accomplished at an office visit. We tend to focus on the "doctor" stuff and neglect the "parent" stuff. Experienced guidance is essential; parenting is only part instinct. Good advice is critical to raising good parents.

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