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Acetaminophen (tylenol) dosing

Afraid of Men/ Afraid of the Dark

Baths for Children

Beach / Taking a Baby to the Beach

Bearing weight/ Baby Bearing weight on legs


Biting in toddlers / child biting self

Books: Beginning Reader Books (start close to 4 years old)

Books: Gordon Family Favorite Children's Books
(to read to 1 to 5 year olds)

Bottle - Breastfed Baby Refusing Bottles

BPA in bottles

Breast Milk Storage/ How long can you store breast milk?

Brushing Kids Teeth

Bunk Beds for Children

Car Seats

Chip system for Behavioral Modification (Encouraging Positive Behaviors)

Chewing on the crib

Circumcision/Circumcision care


Constipation in children

Clogged Tear Duct

Cradle cap

Crawling - Baby Crawling with One Leg

Developmental milestones

Dentist - When should my first see a dentist?

Diaper rashes - yeast diaper rashes, diaper rashes in toddlers, diaper rash treatment


Ear Piercing - When can we pierce our daughters ears?

Eye color / When do babies eyes change color?

Feeding newborns, infants and toddlers

Feet stuck in crib bars

Fiber sources for children

Fifth disease/ Pictures of Fifth disease

Finding a Pediatrician

Fluoride for children

Flu shots in Orlando/ 2013-2014 flu vaccine

Gas in Newborns

Getting Children to Eat Vegetables

Hand-Foot-Mouth pictures

Hitting in toddlers

Humidifiers: warm or cool mist?

Ibuprofen dosing

Inappropriate Language in a 2 Year Old

Insect repellent, bug spray

Intoeing While Learning to Walk


Items needed for first baby

Juice/ When can you give a baby juice?

Laundry for newborns


Moving from a crib to a bed

Molluscum Contagiosum

Motrin dosing

Milk for Children - Raw Milk for Children

Naps/ Nap Topics and Patient Questions

Nails / Baby Fingernails - Baby Ingrown Toenail

Night Terrors in Children

Outdoors - When can we take our child outside?

Obesity in Children


Pacifying at the Breast

Pain Medicine (ie Tylenol) before shots

Penile adhesions/ Penile adhesion questions

Pillows / When can a Toddler use a Pillow

Plagiocephaly (abnormal head shape in babies)

Potty training toddlers and children

Potty training questions from patients

Preparing for a second child

Probiotics in children

Room temperature What temperature should we keep our nursery?

Red Dye #40

Red Reflex in Children (eyes)

School problems/ crying at school / pre school readiness

Separation Anxiety

Sibling Rivalry

Sleep in own bed/ 4 year old who won't sleep in her own bed

Sleep/ Sleep for children

Sleep Positioners and Wedges

Speech Development

Stools/Bowel Movements

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage (red spots in a newborn's eyes)

Sunscreen for children and babies

Swaddling - Two ways to Swaddle

Swaddling - Does swaddling slow a child motor development?

Sweating - Baby Sweating

Swim lessons for infants, toddlers and children

Swimming - When can we take our baby in a pool?

Tattling / Tattle tail

Teaching your child to fall asleep

Teething / Child Grinding Teeth/ When do babies start teething?/ Is Baby Orajel Safe / Amber teething necklace - do they work?

Thumbsucking, 7 month old sucking thumb

Thrush in babies

Tongue Laceration

Toe Walking

Toes - Baby Overlapping Toes

Traveling - Traveling with a baby/Flying with our baby

Tummy aches/ 2 year old with recurrent tummy aches

Tylenol dosing

Umbilical Hernias


Waking at night after illness

Waking up crying

Wanting to be held

Water for Babies / When can I give my baby water?

Whining for attention

Wipes for Newborns


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