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Gordon Family Discipline Mantra

The following is a collection of some of the discipline sayings Maggie and I repeat to ourselves and each other: 1.) Tell the truth even when it hurts. Our hope is that by (... more on Gordon Family Discipline Mantra)

9 months

Discipline should begin shortly after a child begins to crawl. At this time parents should discuss how they want to begin disciple. This a personal matter and deeply rooted in one’s own (... more on discipline 9 months old)

Time out

12 months

By 12 months parents should have started discipline. As the children become increasing mobile, I recommend families use a stroller for to help train their child. Imagine while at your (... more on discipline 12 months old).

18 months - Temper Tantrums

Temper tantrums are very common in toddlers (and in many doctors). These fits are embarrassing and seem to occur at the worst times. The cure for temper tantrums is both simple and well known(... more on temper tantrums)

Head Banging

Our baby turns 15 Months old tomorrow. The past couple of weeks, he has started throwing temper tantrums when he is frustrated. When he throws the tantrum, he bends over and bangs his head on the (... more on head banging)


I have a 21 month old son who is hitting. We are at the end of our ropes with him and nothing we have tried has worked to stop it. He hits all the time- for no clear reason. It can happen in any kind of mood, even (... more on hitting toddler)


I have a 14 month old daughter who started biting at daycare about 3 weeks ago.  She transitioned from the "baby" room to the "one year old" room at 9 months because she started walking early. She was bitten many times during (... more on biting in toddler)

Whining for Attention

My husband has started traveling for his work and ever since our 17 month old boy has had intense attachment to him when he comes home.  He clings to his legs and cries unless he's getting direct attention from him. ... see Whining for Attention

2 Year Old Discipline

What techniques work best for handling 2yr olds when they act out (hit, smack, push). Is saying "we do not hit" and putting him in timeout the best approach? We do this and he is still (see more on 2 year old discipline)

2 years old - Taking the toddler to church

We attend church every Sunday and bring the whole family. We often feel like a sideshow as we walk in and are certain many people watch our family’s behavior. We have good weeks and we have bad weeks. (... more on Taking the toddler to church)

Make Discipline Opportunities

Like all parents, I have good parenting days and days where I wish I had done better. Seven parenting opportunities later, we are figuring some of this out. On my day off today, I took my boys to swim lesso(... more on Make Discipline Opportunities)

Chip system

Discipline often focuses on eliminating negative behavior. In our home we also try to encourage positive behavior. One of the ways we do this with our children (2 years and up) is with a chip system. This is (... more on Chip system for Behavioral Modification)

Freaking Out When Corrected

My 4 year old do I put this, difficult?! Basically if he gets his way and you don't say no to him, he's an angel. But the minute I ask him to do something he doesn't want to do, it's an all out freak out (... more on freaking out when corrected)



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