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circumcision board

Should we circumcise our son?

Circumcision is a hotly debated topic. Parents often ask if I recommend circumcision. It basically comes down to personal choice. Circumcised males do have a lower incidence of urinary tract infections (UTIs) than uncircumcised males. However, this amounts to a lower risk of a very rare event. ... (more on circumcision pros and cons)


Circumcision care

In the immediate post-operative period, circumcision care consists of placing vaseline on the penis and close observation. It is easier to smear vaseline on the front of the diaper than drip it on the penis. After 5 to 7 days ... (more on circumcison care)


Penile Adhesions

Many circumcised boys have penile adhesions. These are non-painful skin bridges that connect onto the penile head. They can occur immediately after circumcision secondary to procedure related swelling. They typically occur in chunky boys between the age of 2 to 18 months. At this time many boys have ...(more on penile adhesion).


Penile Adhesion Treatment

At his recent 9 month check-up, my pediatrician informed me that my son has penile adhesions. She said we should pull back the foreskin each night after a bath and apply 1% hydrocortisone cream. After examining his penis more closely and doing more reading on this topic, I am very concerned and confused about the proper way to proceed. It looks like the foreskin has re- ...(more on Penile adhesion treatment)

See a series of sketches of penile adhesions



Written April 2010 by
Dr. Gordon, Orlando Pediatrician




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