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Beginning Reader Books

*We usually begin these around 4 years old

Bob Books by Bobby Lynn Maslen
Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons by Siegfried Engelmann

***After they have mastered the above these are fun books. We will often ask the emerging ( ... more beginning reader books)


Getting Children to Eat Vegetables

As a child, I was the picky eater of our family. My parents often joke that I survived only because of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. In contrast my children are great eaters, in large part thanks for my (... more on Getting Children to Eat Vegetables)


We are having a challenge with our 4 year old listening to directions. We try to keep the directions as simple as possible, but he seems to be very distracted, most of the time. I realize a lot of this is a "4 year old phase", but I was hoping you could offer some (... more on Listening)

Preschool Readiness

My son will be 4 on august 14. He is due to start prek 8 days later. My husband and I aren't sure he's going to be ready socially and we aren't sure if we should go ahead and start him or hold him back and wait. I think he would do fine in the class work (... more on Preschool Readiness)

Freaking Out When Corrected

My 4 year old do I put this, difficult?! Basically if he gets his way and you don't say no to him, he's an angel. But the minute I ask him to do something he doesn't want to do, it's an all (... more on freaking out when corrected)

4 year old waking in the night

Our son has always been a greatsleeper - 11 hours at night , same routine every night. In bed by 8 pm. For the past month and a half he has taken to waking my husband and I multiple times a night for various pointless reasons (... more on 4 year old waking in the night)


4-year-old still having accidents

My daughter is 4 years and 3 months and potty trained at age 2. She was amazing and within 3 weeks she had mastered potty training and by the time she was 2.5 y.o she was dry at night too so we said goodbye to pull ups. (... more on 4-year-old still having accidents)




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