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2 Month Vaccinations

Todays parents are flooded with information surrounding vaccines. Everyone has heard the horror stories that vaccines cause autism or other problems. This stories persist despite the preponderance of medical evidence. Vaccines are medications and all medications have risks and benefits. While nothing in life is 100% safe, I believe vaccines as a whole to be safe.

I could not morally offer vaccines if I felt the benefits did not overwhelmingly outweigh the risks. All of my children are fully vaccinated and I do not offer vaccines that my own children have not already had. After their 2 month shots we gave our children tylenol for comfort. My kids typically were fussy that day and back to “normal” the next day.

The first two vaccines offered are ones you and your parents likely had as children the Dtap and IPV. The second set (Hib and Prevnar) are both meningitis vaccinations. Most children will recieve their second Hepatitis B vaccine. The final vaccine is a liquid given as a drink called Rotateq.

If you would like to give infant tylenol before the immunizations bring some to the appointment. After your child is weighed, we can help you give an accurate dose. See full immunization schedule.

Pain Meds Before Shots

We are bringing our son in for his 2-month check-up and immunizations next week.  Should we give him Tylenol (or other generic pain reliever) just before the appointment or wait until after the shots, if needed?

I recommend you purchase infant tylenol or generic infant acetaminophen and bring it with you to the appointment. After he is weighed we can help you give him and accurate dose.


Written June 2010 by
Dr. Gordon, Orlando Pediatrician






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