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1 year old refusing solid foods

1 year old refusing solid foods

My 11.5 month old is going through a stage of refusing nearly all solids, which I’ve read is a normal thing that I shouldn’t worry too much about. However, I’m unsure whether we should wean her from formula to whole milk during this stage. If she’s not getting much nutrition from solids, is it better to leave her on formula or to move her to fattier whole milk?

Most 1 year olds should be getting more than half of their calories from solid foods. I do agree that children often lead different paths along the road to eating table foods. One of our boys was our most aggressive eater and was mostly on table foods at 9 months. One our daughters still preferred pureed foods after a year.

Some children do not eat solid food because they lack the oral motor ability. If your daughter has been able to eat solid foods in the past, I doubt she has an oral motor problem. It is more likely that she simply prefers formula bottles over solids foods.

Before switching her to whole cow’s milk it is important that she start eating a variety of solid foods. Whole cow’s milk does not provide complete nutrition for human children. Cow’s milk is a good source of calcium and vitamin D, but lacks many vitamins and minerals that babies need. One year olds that exclusively consume cow’s milk will quickly become iron deficient.

During my residency, I admitted an iron deficient, cow’s milk addicted child. He was 18 months old and his only nourishment was bottles of cow’s milk. The child was grumpy and extremely pale. I distinctly remember, my attending explaining that iron deficient toddlers “were mean”. Indeed as the child’s iron levels normalized, the parents reported he became much more pleasant.

My guess is that she is getting all of the calories she needs through milk. How many ounces of milk does she drink a day? The average sized 12 month old girl could obtain their total daily caloric need by simply drinking 44 ounces of whole milk or formula.

I would try weaning your daughter off of bottles and instead offer formula in sippy cups. By transitioning her to sippy cups most children will drink less milk and begin to eat solids. You may also consider transitioning her to a toddler formula. These products do contain “more complete” nutrition than cow’s milk.

I would also continue to encourage solids foods. Eat as a family. Serve her food (or food similar) that you are eating. I agree that this is likely a passing stage. If she does not improve in the next couple of months please discuss this with her doctor.


Written April 2011 by
Gregory Gordon MD, Orlando Pediatrician






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